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Young Billionaire Club


The Sanders Hand “Young Billionaires Club” program aims to provide entrepreneurial education to at risk youth giving them an opportunity to become financially stable.

Education Program goals are to:​

  • 1 session per week for a 6 week course with the 6th week being a student present out ceremony.

  • Daily access to program coordinators & experts in their respected fields for mentorship

  • Access to various funding outlets for students businesses & ideas

  • Student graduation to become Sanders Hand Community Leaders

  • Student pitch contest “Shark Tank” simulation top winners receive scholarship funding for their business ideas 


Our Services

6 Week Young Billionaires Club

"YBC Leadership Camp"

"Define Success" 

Empowerment Speech- by Sebastian Sanders

Career practice workshops include:

  • Mock interviews

  • Resume building

  • Professional etiquette

  • Student financial literacy 

  • Entrepreneurship Simulation

  • Customer Service communication



The Sanders Hand Foundation community program is committed to making a change, working in our communities to bring a healthier conjunction with society .
Through strategic partnerships, volunteering & donating, while cultivating with our education program we are giving our youth & families a sense of "HOPE"


Community Program goals are to:

  • Educate students about the vital role that nonprofits and philanthropy play in their community.

  • We look for opportunities to meet a community need, address an important gap, or leverage resources.

  • Strengthen our vibrant community.

  • Cultivate strong connections and build a sense of belonging across the community.


Our Services

  • Fundraisers for a cause 

  • Volunteer enhancement 

  • Partnering with local organizations & businesses 

  • Increasing Civic engagement on the state and local level. 

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