Our Mission

Formally known as the Book to Read Foundation, Sanders Hand Ghana mission is to help children become lifelong readers by empowering basic schools in the deprived communities with all the necessary reading tools and materials to achieve measurable results.


After School Computer Training (ASCT) Project

This is a free computer training school designed for less privileged basic school children in communities from the ages of 9 to 17 years old.  ASCT is every day, between the hours of 3-6pm. Most children close from school by 2pm.  ASCT provides these children hands on computer training as well as nurturing them to become future leaders.

Project Objective
•    Aims at empowering less privilege basic school children through computer training.
•    To increase computer literacy among basic school children in communities especially the deprived.

Book to Read Foundation Spelling Bee

The spelling bee program is a platform not just to enhance the vocabulary of the individual participants, but to also develop their love for reading, build their confidence and develop a sense of competitiveness in them.
Miriam Sedoh of Brilliant Child School emerged winner of the second edition of our annual spelling bee competition. Miss Sedoh won the grand prize after battling it out with thirty (30) other participants from six (6) Junior High Schools within Kasoa Municipality.


Adolescent Health Talk

Book to Read Foundation in collaboration with the Youth Action Movement (YAM) organized this program, which was aimed at equipping our children with the importance of healthy eating habits, exercise and hygiene. We aimed to educate the children on healthy topics and help them make positive changes that will benefit their overall health. We were able to visit 6 schools in Kasoa, namely: 

Jewel Stars Academy, brilliant Child School, Temple Academy Montessori, New Life Educational Centre, Divine educational Complex and Perfect Life Gate Academy.

Health Walk to Create Awareness on Diabetes.

Book to Read Foundation organized this program, which was aimed at motivating our children to be active every day and also create awareness on diabetes. We aimed to educate the general public on issues relating to diabetes and help them make positive changes that will benefit their overall health. We had a great turn out for the walk, with most of the teachers from participating schools joining the exercise. After the walk, we all relaxed for a brief interaction with nurses from the Ghana health Services.

Nurses from the Ghana health service interacting with pupils.

Program Impact 

After School Computer Training program (ASCT)
As mentioned in the previous page, the ASCT program was launched for less privileged basic school children in communities from the ages of 9 to 17 years old. This year, average student’s attendance increased to 97.22% from 96.87% and number of students participating have increased from 15 to 35.
Spelling Bee
Book to Read Foundation Spelling Bee program was launched in 2017 not to just get the competitiveness in the kids, but to also challenge them to do more reading and enhance their vocabulary. This year we increased from 2 schools with 12 participants in 2017 to 6 schools with 30 participants.
Health Talk
As the quote goes “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, we at Book to Read in collaboration with Youth Action Movement (Y.A.M) of Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) launched the adolescent health talk program in 2017, for Junior High School students in Kasoa. This year the turn out increased from 50 students to 130 students. 
Health walk
As part of the health talk program, we create awareness on related health issues with the health walk. This year, participating schools increased to 8 from 4. Which represents a 100% growth.


The illustration above shows Book to Read Foundation’s yearly progress as to all ongoing projects since 2017.

Impact Story 1

Miriam Sedoh our winner for 2018 Spelling Bee competition, joined our community reading program late 2018 and has been part of the program since.
She did not find delight in reading  as much as she would want to. It was upon joining the community reading program (whch is aimed at improving the reading sklls of paricipants and also inculcate the habit of reading in each one of them) that she found her love for reading.


After 6 months of being part of the program, she realised how reading has improved her language skills, with her teachers atesting to that fact. She is now a vibrant member of the program and our ambassador for the 2019 Spelling Bee competion after her remarkable perfomance at last year’s edition. She received a certificate, reading materials, dictionary, stationary as well as a sponsorship package from our sponsors.

Impact Story 2

Somaila Ibrahim is a pupil who is part of our After School Computer program (ASCT) program. When he joined the program in 2018, he had very little knowledge about the computer. 5 months into the program has transformed his overall performance in the subject area in school.

He loved to learn the subject but his school did not have an ICT laboratory or computers to teach the kids with. The ASCT, therefore, served as a wonderful opportunity for him to do well to study the subject. 

He is among the few kids we started the program with and his success story is one of the reasons why our numbers have increased drastically.

Looking Forward

This year we are looking to expand the After School Computer Training program (ASCT). The following are what we plan on doing this year in relation to the ASCT program: 
●    Getting more computers available for the kids to use.
●    Converting one of our office space into a Computer Lab/ Library.
●    Grow the number of students we are handling
●    Add other subjects to the After school program (e.g. Music).
Another thing we look at doing this year is expanding our territories and getting more sponsors on board the Spelling Bee program. Our main focus is on getting cooperate sponsors, donations media partnership and other institutions who are willing to help us reach out to more kids.

Executive Leadership
Thanks To Our Donors

Dr. Artika Tyner is a passionate educator, author, sought after speaker, and advocate for justice. At the University of St. Thomas, Dr. Tyner serves as the Associate Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. She is committed to training students to serve as social engineers who create new inroads to justice and freedom.

We at book to read would like to show our appreciation to Dr. Artika Tyner for taking time off her busy schedule to visit us at Book to Read Foundation and for her Generous donation of stationary and reading materials to support the foundation. We look forward to another visit from you Doc.


Dr. Artika Tyner at Book to Read Foundation


Shannon Devine is a philanthropist living in Australia, who loves giving back to the less privileged in the society. She extended her generosity to us here at Book to Read Foundation with reading materials and stationary for the children

A big thank you to Shannon for your generous gift. We really appreciate the effort…


Mercado livre is a publishing company in Brazil and they are into the publication of books for children. They surprised us with reading materials and stationaries for the Children.

Books from Mercadolivre
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