Education Community


The Sanders Hand Foundation education program is committed to preparing our future generation of leaders for success one student at a time through our "Define Success" curriculum & leadership camp. 
We passionately believe in providing students with the necessary tools for enrichment for a better future for themselves and their families.

Education Program goals are to:

  • Encourage and enable youth to thrive.

  • Empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability.

  • Create innovative entrepreneurs inside classrooms & our communities.

Our Services

8 Week Young Billionaires Club

"YBC Leadership Camp"

"Define Success" 

Empowerment Speech- by Sebastian Sanders

Career practice workshops include:

  • Mock interviews

  • Resume building

  • Professional etiquette

  • Student financial literacy 

  • Entrepreneurship Simulation

  • Renowned Sanders Hand motivational speech 

  • Building your brand & business

  • Sanders Hand boxes



The Sanders Hand Foundation community program is committed to making a change, working in our communities to bring a healthier conjunction with society .
Through strategic partnerships, volunteering & donating, while cultivating with our education program we are giving our youth & families a sense of "HOPE

Community Program goals are to:

  • Educate students about the vital role that nonprofits and philanthropy play in their community.

  • We look for opportunities to meet a community need, address an important gap, or leverage resources.

  • Strengthen our vibrant community.

  • Cultivate strong connections and build a sense of belonging across the community.

Our Services:

  • Fundraisers for a cause 

  • Volunteer enhancement 

  • Partnering with local organizations & businesses 

  • Increasing Civic engagement on the state and local level.